Celebrating 365 days of Community!

Holly Rieke
Holly Rieke Employee
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Congratulations to our Board Community members and friends! One year ago, we started out on a new journey together, bringing together more members, sharing knowledge in new ways, and growing the collective wisdom of a dedicated community of Board users and enthusiasts.

I'm thrilled to say—it's working! Here are some 2023 highlights:

2024 is off to a fast start, and we're looking forward to bringing you more answers quickly, more expert knowledge, and more inspiration from members across the ecosystem.

We want to hear from you! Take just a few minutes to share your thoughts about the Community experience in this simple survey, or leave us a comment below.



  • Happy birthday 🎂! I've seen how the community is getting better with each passing day! Thanks @Holly Rieke and all the community staff for all your contributions because they move the community forward ➡️.