Community Roundup: October 18, 2023

Miran Saric
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The Community team is back and excited to share with you the new features we've launched and the accomplishments we've enjoyed in the last eight weeks! From new tools, to streamlining navigation, to Community member outreach; we've had a busy eight weeks of growth and evolution.

The new features and Community accomplishments through mid-October 2023 can be found below.

August 2023

September 2023

  • Groups: Group leader guide and landing page built
  • Experience: Updated top nav experience to optimize subcategories - Programs, Groups, Learn
  • Engagement: 5,500 member milestone
  • Experience: Streamlined 'Who's Online' view to better reflect overall activity

October 2023 (ongoing)

  • Gamification Phase II > Improved ScoreBoard experience launched to better reflect and reward all activities in Community
  • Groups: Regional DACH launched
  • Content: Added table of content for Best Practices and How-to Guides
  • Engagement: 7,000 comments milestone

Coming soon…

Watch for new Groups opportunities—make sure to brainstorm any Group opportunities you'd like to see launched in Community and share your feedback with the Community team. We have Group Leader opportunities open as well!

This series will be updated every 45-90 days depending on the number of feature changes implemented. As always, we welcome your suggestions for Community enhancements. Submit feedback directly to, share in the forum, or take the Community Experience Survey.



  • Samir Jones
    Samir Jones Active Partner
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    Hello @Kate Higley and @Miran Saric,

    For a while there was an article posted about the Roadmap.
    Can't find the article anymore.

    We are looking forward to the new happenings. :-)

    Questions regarding the Roadmap.

    1. How come the next version is called 14 and not 13?

    2. In which release is the new UI/UX coming?

    Thank you

  • Holly Rieke
    Holly Rieke Employee
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    @Samir Jones Thanks for reaching out! @Kate Higley and team are polishing up the Academy roadmap specifically and will share more soon. Apologies for any confusion!