Community Roundup: June 2024

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The Community team thrilled to share with you some of our highlights from the past two months! From content, to programs new Groups, gamification, styling, and more, we've had a busy period leading up to the summer!

Some of the new features and Community accomplishments since mid-March can be found below.

March 2024

April 2024

May 2024

Coming soon…

Stay tuned for our Badge of the Month series throughout the year, more in our Community Voices series, additional video content, more Group opportunities, and general improvements and new features across the Community.

As a reminder, Groups are a great opportunity stay virtually connected with members in your region and are the perfect complement to in-person meetups you may already have planned. Watch for new Groups in your area to join or become a Group Leader and start your own Group! As always, we invite you to share your feedback about Groups or any Community topic of interest.

This series will be updated every 45-90 days depending on the number of feature changes implemented. As always, we welcome your suggestions for Community enhancements. Submit feedback directly to, share in the forum, or take the Community Experience Survey.



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    It's been a fun and active couple of months! We hope you're finding value in all the recent great content. The Community Experience Survey is a great way to give us feedback. Leaving us a comment here is also a great option 😊.