Analyst Review: Dresner Advisory Services (150 points)

Katherine Cote
Katherine Cote Employee
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Board is working with Dresner Advisory Services to collect independent ratings of Board and would like you to participate, starting with a quick click below. The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. The survey is open through April 19th.

For participating in the survey, you will:

  • Contribute to important research that helps your peers understand how to leverage and invest in technology
  • Receive complimentary research from Dresner Advisory Services for your personal use
  • Get 150 advocacy points:

Guide for participation:

This link takes you to the survey:

After providing some details about yourself on the 1st page, the survey asks for general information which you can skip if you like. The relevant survey starts with question No. 19.

During the survey, please be sure to select Board International as your current software vendor; this is important as the survey is dedicated to capturing feedback about your Board experience.

Before hitting 'Submit,' rate Board in the very last question of the survey (Would you recommend this vendor/product?). Your rating is required for your input to count as a valid survey.

Take the screenshot of the last page (thank you for submitting your review page) and send an email to to request your points.